Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Our Local Bakery

Check out the special desserts we have available in Brielle, NJ

When you're craving something sweet or savory in Brielle, NJ, it's time to pay Sugar Bake Shop and Gourmet Foods a visit. Our local bakery has delicious custom cookies for you to enjoy. You can also pick up a custom cake from our local cake shop.

Our shop sells individual desserts as well as desserts for events. From birthday parties to anniversaries, our desserts are a great addition. You'll even get to customize them to your liking.

Contact us to learn more about our desserts for events.

Don't settle for bland desserts

Tired of stale, boring desserts left out at the grocery store? Pick up something warm and fresh from Sugar Bake Shop and Gourmet Foods when you want to indulge in something special.

You'll love our local bakery because we:

  • Have a team with over 62 years of combined experience
  • Bake and decorate everything in-house from scratch
  • Are always open to unique requests
  • Constantly keep our menu updated
  • Offer outdoor seating options
Please note that prices are subject to change. Call us today for more information about our current menu for desserts, breakfast pastries and Thanksgiving Day.

Catering done the easy way

In need of a catering service? Our shop offers catering for weddings and other special events. We'll provide plated dishes along with unique dessert options of your choice. We can do catering for weddings and events as large as 200 people. Each catering request needs to be summited at least seven days before the event.