Enjoy Tasty Food on Your Special Day

We provide catering for weddings in Brielle, NJ

With everything you have to worry about when planning your wedding, you shouldn't need to stress over catering. Instead, let the team at Sugar Bake Shop and Gourmet Foods in Brielle, NJ step in. We provide catering services for weddings and events of all types.

We can cater events as small as 8 people and up to 200. Not only do we provide plated dinners, but our dessert caterer can also create unique cakes, cookies and other sweet treats. Please note that we aren't a kosher kitchen and that we need at least seven days of advanced notice to cater an event.

Get in touch with our dessert caterer to learn more about our catering services for weddings.

Dessert Platters

Order a dessert platter that's sure to please all your guests for your next event. We offer a variety of items to choose from:

  • 12-inch Pastry Platter (Feeds 6-8) $32.99
  • 16-inch Pastry Platter (Feeds 10-12) $65.99
  • 18-inch Pastry Platter (Feeds 13-15) $78.99
  • 12-inch Cookie or Bar Platter (Feeds 8-10) (1 ½ lbs. of cookies / 7 Bars
    cut in ¼'s) $29.99
  • 16-inch Cookie or Bar Platter (Feeds 14-16) (3 lbs. of cookies / 15 Bars
    cut in ¼'s) $57.99
  • 18-inch Cookie or Bar Platter (Feeds 20-24) (4 lbs. of cookies / 18 Bars
    cut in ¼'s) $68.99
  • 12-inch Cookie, Bar & Pastry Platter (Feeds 6-8) $32.99
  • 16-inch Cookie, Bar & Pastry Platter (Feeds 10-12) $65.99
  • 18-inch Cookie, Bar & Pastry Platter (Feeds 13-15) $78.99